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The textile-based product range includes ready-to-wear garments and accessories for men, women, teenagers and children; bed, bath, table and kitchen linen; floor coverings, upholstery fabric and curtains. Cotton, silk, wool, grass, linen and jute are the basic fibres used.

Handloom must be promoted and understood as affordable luxury. India has the most diverse handwoven textile tradition and we must ensure that the weaver benefits economically to continue it. With competition from cheaper, mass-produced, mill-made textiles, handwoven fabrics need a premium value and aggressive marketing,”

organic certification

Products displaying our Green logo are ‘Fully Certified’ Organic. All processes, from growing to preparing to packing have been done according to National and International standards, verified by accredited agencies.


From handcrafted apparel to home linen & decor, bring a piece of artisanal heritage into your everyday and special occasions

Products displaying our Blue logo are ‘In Conversion’. This means that the farmer is using purely organic techniques, and has registered and is complying with set standards. Farmland must be managed organically for about 3 years before it can be fully certified.


Products displaying our Yellow logo are ‘Natural’. This category contains products produced by small farmers who use purely organic techniques, but who have decided to not yet register for certification. It also includes some processed foods, which do not contain any synthetic preservatives, colours, flavours or additives.


The Saaja Creations was founded with the strong belief that there was a need for a vehicle for marketing the vast and diverse craft traditions of India and thereby help fulfil the need to provide and sustain employment. We blend indigenous craft techniques with contemporary designs to bring aesthetic and affordable products to today’s consumers.

Our endeavour is to provide customers with hand crafted products which help support and encourage good craftsmanship.

Our products are sourced from all over India. The Saaja Creations works closely with artisans by providing various inputs including design, quality control, access to raw materials and production coordination. The vision continues to be to maximize the handmade element in our products, whether it is handwoven textiles, hand block printing, hand embroidery or handcrafting home products.